Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Charting a New Course...

Tonight Senator Barack Obama has become the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee.  This is a historic moment.  A nation that enslaved African-Americans has now chosen its first person of color, a man of black and white heritage, to represent the nation’s Democrats in the 2008 presidential race.  Congratulations to Barack Obama and to America.


I supported Hillary Clinton on substantive points of policy and not the hopes and dreams of what American can be, because without a plan no hope, no dream, can bring about change.  Her impressive campaign is all but over, as we wait for her to formally concede to Senator Obama.  I salute her passion and devotion to America and I hope to see her on the Presidential ticket, which, with all of the heated debate, is still clearly the strongest possible ticket we can muster for the November election.


Regardless of who the vice president is to be, it is now my time, and the time for all of Hillary’s coalition, to place our collective energies and efforts fully with him.  It is now time to allow my logical mind to enter the uncomfortable position of betting on hopes and dreams.  The hopes and dreams Senator Obama so eloquently inspires us to believe in, to follow him in “charting a new course,” and to unite and win in November.  To have faith – yes we can!



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