Thursday, May 1, 2008

With all due respect... a direct answer please

"With all due respect," Michelle Obama replies to CNN's Suzanne Malveaux, as she repeatedly refused to answer questions regarding Rev. Wright's antics [my word] and his impact of late.  Well, she did respond by referring to her husbands recent rejection of the Reverend's words and performances, but she did not offer her own opinion - she only piggybacked on his words, essentially offering a no comment and wishing to "move forward."

This tactic (I assume this is tactical) is a miscalculation by the Obama campaign.  With the skeptical eyes of the Conservatives (and some Liberals and Independents) already focused on the 20 years relationship the Obama's have/had with Rev. Wright, and the curious past comments from Michelle, to not offer her own personal opinion will lead to the Rights declaration she, and by extension, Barack, is dodging, hiding, and "doing what they need to do"  to "move forward." 

Instead of clearing up an issue, she managed to leave an opening for those who wish to question the sincerity of the Obama position by not declaring her own severing of the Rev. Wright ties. I can hear it now, "Why won't SHE divorce herself, simply and directly, from the Reverend?"  "Why won't SHE say the words?"

I concede this may seem like I'm picking nits (she said, "He [Barack] speaks for me, as well") but these types of issues are the fodder of politics and the notion this matter will go away is folly.  It is too juicy for the media and too easy for the Conservatives to let it lie.  

Michelle Obama is an intelligent woman, no question, however her political missteps or side steps continue to be a nagging political thorn to her husband.  Fortunately, for the Obama campaign, the media is, not only willing to accept her silence on this issue, but ignore Mrs. Obama's silence to begin with.  This is a mistake by Obama and CNN.  

The CNN interview may be found Here.


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